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Peter Laughter, CEO of Wall Street Services, is driven by helping others identify barriers and self-limiting beliefs standing in the way of a joyous, self-expressed career. Once obstacles are identified Peter works with audiences to apply actionable tactics and methods to succeed outside the confines of those hurdles. He works daily within different communities and speaks to people in various life stages helping them understand their strengths and what environments they thrive in. From C-Level Managers to experienced professionals and job seekers, Peter connects with his audience, providing relevant examples and lifelong lessons.


Some of Peter’s most popular topics are: networking, painless hiring and recruiting systems, interviewing strategies, managing up and optimizing employer/employee relationships.

Speaking Topics

How it Works?

  • Meet Peter

    Peter Laughter is CEO of Wall Street Services, an active member of the Brooklyn Friends Community, and an avid cyclist. Dedicated to helping people find a job they love, Peter is a passionate speaker and true believer that everyone should identify and focus on what gives them purpose in life.
  • Identify the Right Topic

    Content development begins with discovering the needs of a community and tailoring the discussion to their specific concerns. Peter will work with team leaders to select and customize a topic for maximum audience impact.

  • Engage the Audience

    Working with specific examples and providing relevant real life scenarios allows Peter to captivate and his audience while speaking. He has a unique ability to make a real and memorable connection with the audience allowing them to truly understand and retain the content.

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